This is not just a Real Estate company. The History of the Giampieri Family began in 1922 in Italy.

We are an International Company founded by our President : Mr. Mario L. Giampieri.

Our Core Business is the realization of stunning, prestigious and unique Interior Design for Penthouses, Apartments, Villas, Hotels, Restaurants … and Investments in the Real Estate Business !

Besides our Core Business, Our Mission is also to invest, promote, create, or develop Serious, Promising and Profitable Projects and Business around the World in different Markets. We focus our Actions on the Highest Quality Services, locally cooperating with the Best and the most Reliable Professionals available on the market in which we have chosen to invest. In the Real Estate Business, INTERAXTION cooperates with the most talented Architectural Studios and the most successful Real Estate Agencies.

We thrive on the Success of our Programs and High-End Management.

The Core Business of INTERAXTION has always been all Facets of the Real Estate Business.

We handle the selection and the Purchase of a Property, its Project, Renovation, Specific Details, Interior Design and finally the Sale of the finished Property.

We endeavor to identify any Business or Project which might be Potentially Profitable and Worth Acknowledgement from Different Angles.

We develop it Successfully and provide the Outstanding Management.


Our Story

In Real Estate Projects and Interior Design, Mario L. Giampieri, with INTERAXTION, have been cooperating in many Wonderful Projects - from the realization of Interiors of Apartments, Penthouses or Villas, to the Design and Completion of Larger Public Buildings which include Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Stadiums, Resorts, Parliaments, Museums, Castles, Malls, Restaurants, Sport Clubs and Lounges.

Our Team, occasionally in Collaboration with Professionals of Various Fields, has been working for famous VIP Clients: World renowned Actors, Artists, Singers, Athletes, Politicians, Billionaires, International Hotel Chains such as the Marriott Group (Marriott, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis...) Hilton Group (Hilton, Waldorf Astoria...) Hyatt Group, Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental, Kempinski, Radisson, Anantara...and All kinds of Clientele that respect the Meticulous Work that we guarantee.

Thanks to the Impeccable Reputation of our Сompany and the Long Standing Connections and Business Relationships that we have with the Major Fashion Brands and Companies, the Furniture Collections for the Design of the Interiors or the Materials to complete the Interior Design are offered to our Clients under Exclusive Conditions so that they can get Special Personal Unique Solutions according to their Desires and Preferences.

Ukraine and World

The History of the Giampieri Family began in 1922 in Milan, Italy, when Mario Sr. (Mario’s grandfather, an orphan) decided to invest his little savings in a Small Business in Milan.

He started buying and selling Metals before and during the Second World War, and, a short time later, he started a Small Business in the Sanitary Fittings Market.


After the End of the War, Mario Sr. began manufacturing Faucets and Bathroom Fixtures together with his two Sons, (one of them was Mario Jr.’s Dad, Sandro). After Years of Hard Work, he achieved a Well-Deserved Success, becoming the Main Manufacturer of Bathroom and Faucets in Italy.


In 1970, thanks to the genius of the technical solutions of the products he created, the futuristic design of the faucets and the unstoppable success he accomplished throughout Europe Mario Sr. received the prestigious award “MERCURIO D’ORO” from the hands of the President of the Italian Republic.


During those Golden Years, the Family Business grew Exponentially, from one Generation to the Next and so, Mario Giampieri Sr., with Mario Jr.’s Father, Sandro, decided to Diversify their Interests and started investing also in the Real Estate Business … mainly in Milan, Rome and in other Italian Cities.


Soon, this new Family Business shifted into the Construction Industry, and so, the Giampieri Family, together with the young Mario Jr., started to build Houses, Villas, Apartments.


Later on, independently and in addition to his Family Business, Mario Jr. , future Founder of INTERAXTION, thanks to his resourcefulness and strong desire to create avant-garde products and fashionable interior designs made with great attention to details with precious elegance and with prestigious uniqueness, began to collaborate with Famous International Companies and Brands, such as Swarovski, Bulgari and many more.

With them, He collaborated Creative Ideas and Projects and he came up with the Innovative Solution to utilize the Swarovski Elements, not only for their Jewelry, but also in Fashion, in Interior Design and more !


Mindful of His Past Experiences, Mario Jr., with INTERAXTION is specialized in the realization of elegant interior designs with unique and high level solutions for apartments, penthouses, villas, hotels, lounges...

INTERAXTION also executes a large part of its investments in the Real Estate Business and with this Company, Mario Jr. is promoting and developing Various Types of Businesses and Projects Around The World, Significantly increasing the Invested Capital, Independently or in Symbiosis with Other Business Partners.

Ukraine and World

Now INTERAXTION is a Respectable, Professionally Highly Rated and Well-Known Company that has achieved the Support of the Italian Authorities.

In Ukraine, INTERAXTION enlisted the Support of the Italian Embassy and it is currently operating also in the United Arab Emirates, in the USA, in Europe and in other parts of the World, where it performs, considers and invests in interesting Projects and in new promising Businesses which can be realized in different growing Markets.

Despite all this, its Main Investments are still concentrated in the Real Estate Market and, obviously, in the Interior Design where INTERAXTION is often operating and cooperating in Synergy with Different Local Partners and with the Best Professionals and the most important Architectural Studios.


Hello and welcome to INTERAXTION Hello and welcome to INTERAXTION

Every Act of Cooperation that We offer derives from Very Professional and Careful Teamwork and Tremendous International Experience.
We have Partnered with Successful International Businesses in Different Fields - Independently and with the Support of our Various Partners.
INTERAXTION prides itself in Extensive Market Research and Extreme Professional Perfection in Everything We accomplish. Our Daily Choices are Guided by the Italian Soul, the Elegance, the Need to Breathe Fashion, the Harmony of the Style and Design, the “Made in Italy” Pride, the Passion for Tech Innovation and for the Research of Solutions that are Always Cutting-Edge.

100 years
and counting..


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